Mania Main Thoughts – Intro

With Wrestlemania season ramping up and the WWE Network making everything so easy, I’ve decided it’s time to watch and blog about all of the past Wrestlemania main events. Hold onto your butts.

Just a little bit about my history – I’ve watched over half of the Wrestlemanias live, but I’ve been around for all of them since Wrestlemania VII.  When I was a kid, we didn’t have any access to PPV, so I got to see all of the buildup and none of the payoff.  We’d have to read about the results in WWF Magazine or Pro Wrestling Illustrated. We had to walk four miles to school. Times were hard.

Our local video store (RIP Night Time Video – Hall Of Legends) carried a few wrestling videos, but never new ones.  I can’t complain though, because that’s where we first rented Wrestlemanias III, V and VI, which I think really hooked us (if you’re old school, you’ll remember that Mania IV was on 2-VHS Tape set, and someone must’ve really liked Tape 2 because they rented it and never returned it). When you’re a kid, there’s really nothing like Hogan/Warrior. It’s still one of my Top 5 Wrestlemania matches. You can’t see a double clothesline spot and not think of it.

One of the best gifts we ever got was this huge set of the first 13 Wrestlemanias on VHS (which is perfect, because XIV was the first one I got to watch on PPV).  The set’s still sitting in my brother’s garage, even though the tapes have long degraded. Oh yeah, and nobody I know has a VCR.  Still, you just can’t throw something like that away. It’s practically our Wrestling 101 class on 13-tapes.

Anyway, all of that to say is that, except for the first few Manias, I have either seen all of them live or was around for all of the historical context.  Which is about 5 paragraphs to tell you I’m not doing any research and going totally off the dome.

One other explanation is what I mean by “Main Event”.  Personally, I consider the Main Event of a show to be the final match on the card, which I’m pretty sure is its actual definition.  WWE used to do that, and then they started billing other, earlier matches as main events, too.  I’m not a fan of multiple “main events”, but, since I’m old school, I also think that, generally, your World Title match SHOULD be the main event.  And since we’re now in the second era where WWE has multiple world titles, well, I guess you end up with people taking a 1,000 words to tell you how they define “main event”.

So I’m considering the main events of a Wrestlemania to be the final match on the card, plus any other World title matches on the card.  That’s 50 Main Events in Wrestlemania history, and with a round number like that, you know I must be right.

I hope reading this gets somebody jazzed about Wrestlemania 33, or makes you go back and rewatch old Manias, which is my preferred method of getting jazzed. Let’s get ready to rumble.

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