POP! WWE Vinyls 6-10 Review

Thanksgiving Eve greetings Wrestling fans, POP! fans, and curious friends and family who clicked on the link to the blog. I hope you all have lots to be thankful for during this time that kicks off our holiday season! This is an extra special time in the Good Brother Chuck household, not only do we get to celebrate Thanksgiving, but we also get to celebrate the birth of our son, who was born Thanksgiving Day three years ago.

Thank you to everyone who read my first post and a special thanks to those who gave me some some suggestions. This entry will feature a 0.0-10.0 ratings scale to help better describe my opinion of the pops. I also attempted to add pictures from my personal collection but they did not turn out very well due to lighting, so I’ll shoot for that at a later date. Since I did not use ratings for the previous post, here is a rating for 1-5 with a short review:

01 John Cena: 7.0, A good variety with 4 different variations, true to character, solid effort

02 CM Punk: 8.5, One of my favorites, 2 variations, ring gear and tattoos dead on

03 The Rock: 3.5, Not a very electrifying pop for The Great One, only 1 variation, aside from tattoo work and “People’s eyebrow” has a very “generic” look

04 Sheamus: 3.0, skin tone is not nearly pale enough, haircut away from looking like TWD Abraham

05 Stone Cold Steve Austin: 6.5, looks great but was over produced and therefore neither of the two variations have built value

So there you go, in order to try to remain authentic to the WWE world, a replay, to recap what you just read. Now let’s move on to the main event, POP! WWE 6-10!

06 Rey Mysterio

Rating: 8.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $80-$180

We were gifted with three different versions of Rey Mysterio (does it bug anyone else that WWE dropped the Jr. from his name?). We have the standard blue ring gear, the SDCC black ring gear, and a 7 Eleven exclusive in teal (or is that turquoises? /shrug)  ring gear. One of the most exciting aspects of “The Mysterio” collection are the estimated values! At $80 (standard, aka mine), $180 (SDCC) and $130 (7 Eleven) they clock in at some of the more valuable POP! WWE pops in existence.  So if you were lucky enough to snag one of these, do not throw it like a football, no matter how much you want to be like Kevin Nash.

07 Daniel Bryan

Rating: 5.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $33-$55

POP! WWE once again gives us a trifecta, this time in the form of “The Leader of the YES! Movement,” Daniel Bryan. There are a great number of things I appreciate about Daniel Bryan: his heart, his love of the sport, that his WWE name is just a reversal of sorts of his actual name (Bryan Danielson) and his indie nickname “The American Dragon”. One thing that I do not appreciate as much as I could, his POP!. I feel like Funko missed an opportunity by not giving us a “flocked” (flocked is basically a fuzzy look and texture, think your Moss-Man He-Man figure) Daniel Bryan pop, I mean as a performer the guy was basically vicious kicks and a beard! He even had a, “Respect the Beard” t-shirt, SO WHERE IS OUR FLOCKED DANIEL BRYAN POP!!!

Ok, rant off. We did get three nice pops although as far as variety, they are all pretty similar. We have the standard D Bry ($33, aka mine), the Hot Topic exclusive wearing all red ($55) and the WWE.com exclusive in patterned ring gear ($37, which is just a pattern added to his boots).

08 The Undertaker

Rating: 6.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $12

What could I possibly say about The Undertaker that has not been said already. Well…he’s my wife’s all time favorite and he was the first wrestler I remember that frightened me. I was 11 when The Phenom began his WWE career and truly thought he would be the end of all the fan favorites of the day. Good Brother Mike and I had the Undertakerchance to see him live at a Raw in ’97, and his entrance still stands as one of the most awe inspiring events I’ve personally witnessed (goosebumps!).

There have been so many different incarnations of The Undertaker, he had several different looks as “the deadman”, he was some sort of warlock with the corporate ministry, he ran a stint as “BikerTaker” (I feel an underrated point of his career) and the latest version, The Gunslinger. Funko chose only one of these, utilizing The Gunslinger version as their muse.

This is by no means a “bad” looking pop, but I suppose that I just expected a couple variations (which more could come later). I mean tell me this guy doesn’t scream Hot Topic exclusive:

Corp Undertaker

09 Triple H

Rating: 4.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $20

Only one version of Triple H. This one is more of a part-time look with the short hair andTriple H wrapped hands. As far as what it is, I’m probably not giving this pop a fair rating. You can look at this pop and say, “Hey, it’s Triple H.” To me there was just so much more that could have been accomplished to make this pop more appealing. Triple H has had some great WrestleMania entrance costumes and any number of them would make a great looking pop, but to me that is not “the miss” with this figure. In my reviews you will see that I feel Funko misses some very important details from time to time. These are minor infractions but they seem like such a low effort item to get correct, that they infuriate me. A good example from my last review, Sheamus’s skin tone and now for this review, WHERE IS TRIPLE H’S SLEDGE HAMMER?!?! I’m no toy maker, but how hard would it have been to add a sledge hammer to this little guy?

10 “Macho Man” Randy Savage

Rating: 7.5

Pop Price Guide Value: $18-$130

OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHH YYYYYYYYEEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!! DIG IT! One of my favorite wrestlers and a great looking, true to character POP!. Three different version of the “cream of the crop” were produced, all sporting different bandannas, sunglasses and ring gear. I managed to get my hands on the standard ($18, orange bandanna, white rimmed sunglasses, orange tights and yellow boots) and the FYE exclusive ($19, orange bandanna, yellow rimmed sunglasses, purple tights, and yellow boots). These pops were released early in my collecting days at a time when I thought it was cheating to buy off of a web site as opposed to finding them in a store. As a result I passed on the WWE.com exclusive ($130, pink bandanna, white rimmed sunglasses, pink tights, yellow boots). Yes ladies and gentlemen, those size 13 boot prints on my behind are my own (more on that later).

I really hope they decide to manufacture more Macho Man pops. I would love to see one made from the “Macho King” days, the early WCW days, and “Macho Madness” days, all would be nice additions to my collection.

I hope you enjoyed my thoughts on POP! WWE 6-10. There was definitely some value to be found here if you are a value collector and some great fun and lots of memories if you are a sentimental collector. Next time we’ll take a look at, you guessed it, 11–15. Stay tuned to hear me whine about the only release I do not have at least one version of for POP! WWE and we get our first look at the women/divas of the WWE. Until then you can find me @chuckonwrestling on Twitter or leave a comment here on the blog. I’m always happy to hear from readers on what they want more of, less of, or something completely new. Happy Thanksgiving all!

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