POP! WWE Vinyls 11-15 Review

Wrestling fans! Pop fans! Welcome to the newest installment of POP! WWE, where I will give you the low down on 11-15 of the series. Hey, but first, as a post-Thanksgiving treat I was able to take in Smackdown Live version of WWE Live’s Holiday tour. My wife and I had a great time and saw nearly the entire Smackdown Live Roster. I highly recommend attending live shows whenever you can, they are always a great time. It doesn’t matter if it is Raw or Smackdown Live, TV or House show, WWE or Indie…you will have a great time.

I could go on but you came here to hear about some WWE pops and I aim to please. This section of the series gave us some great superstars of both the male and for the first time female varieties, with the first of the Total Divas “line”.

11 Hulk Hogan

Rating: 9.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $22-$50

Let me tell you something brother! I know you are probably thinking to yourself, “Wow a 9!?!” You got that right brother! When all the Hulkamaniacs are writing their letters to Santa this Christmas brother, you know all the good boys and girls are getting a Hulkster POP! brother! They’ve spent the whole year training hard, taking their vitamins, and saying their prayers brother! And if Santa doesn’t deliver, then the Hulkster is going to throw all of his little Hulkamanics on his back, brother and we’re going all the way to the North Pole and when we get there brother! The Hulkster is going to lift the man in red high into the air brother and slam him down, just like Andre in the Superdome at Wrestlemania 3 brother…and I got distracted.

Funko provided us with three versions of the Hulkster and each one impresses. I have the standard version of Hulk with the yellow Hulkamania bandanna, red rimmed sunglasses, red Hulkamania shirt, yellow tights and yellow boots ($22 for those of you keeping score). The WWE.com exclusive reversed the color scheme and gave us a Hulk Rules t-shirt. My favorite of the group is the Hollywood version, with the classic black and white NWO look. To me the only addition that could have made these better would have been a bowa for the Hollywood pop.

These were clearly Hollywood Hogan pops and later (due to the long tights). If Funko ever revisits their Hogan designs, it would be great to have one based upon the iconic Hogan look of the 80’s (no sunglasses, yellow brief tights, maybe striking a different pose).

12 AJ Lee

Rating: 7.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $135

AJ LeeI want to imagine that as the “Geek Goddess”, AJ Lee was totally stoked to have Funko manufacture a POP! in her likeness. AJ is my all-time favorite women’s wrestler (her rivalry with Kaitlin is EXTREMELY underrated) and I would appreciate her return almost as much as I would that of her husband. This pop captures the true “essence” of the AJ LEE character and I am very sad to say, this is the only POP! WWE that I do not have at least 1 version. This all goes back to my tale of how I used to think buying pops on the Internet was “cheating”, well that is a horrible strategy to obtain WWE.com exclusives.

13 Brock Lesnar

Rating: 6.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $18

Brock Lesnar

Ladies and Gentlemen, I would like to present to you the ONLY Walmart POP! WWE vinyl, BROCK LESNAR! That’s right, The Best Incarnate’s entry comes in at the 13th spot in the series. This design is based upon Lesnar’s Wrestlemania 29 ring gear, with the longer MMA style shorts, MMA style gloves and of course the sword tattoo on his torso, which made its appearance sometime before his first UFC fight.

Funko did a nice job on the torso and back tattoo, but the main reason this pop is not rated higher are the arm tattoos. They kind of come off as just ink blots on the top of pop Lesnar’s arms and lack any real definition. I was pretty excited to find this guy at our local Walmart for $7.99.

14 & 15 Brie & Nikki Bella

Rating: 7.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $7 & $10

It is only fitting that we discuss “twin magic” together. When we look back at the history of the Diva Era of WWE’s Women’s division, there will be no stars brighter than Brie and Nikki Bella. They were entertaining in the ring, the “Growing Up Bella” vignettes were some of my favorites of the time and they have worked hard to expand their brand to encompass Total Divas and their own E! show Total Bellas.

The pops are pretty standard fair and though they are twins, Funko made sure to hit the details that give each lady her identity. I’m of course speaking of Brie’s head band and Nikki’s cap, along with their Brie Mode and Fearless logos on their tops.

They’ve had a couple specials releases packaged together. I’m thinking about once all the singles have been covered doing a write-up on the special multi-pack releases.

That covers 11-15, aside from the Lesnar arm tattoos, I really have nothing negative to say about these 5 pops. While they do not have the value of some of the earlier pops discussed, that may come in the future (fingers crossed). Next time we will discuss 16-20 which includes my first 9.9 Pop! Thank you for reading and let me know what you think by leaving me a couple lines below or @chuckonwrestling on Twitter. Until next time….

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