1st Annual Goody Awards

This week on the Good Brothers Wrestling podcast, we hand out the first Annual Goody Awards!

You can check out the podcast on iTunes here, or just click the player below.

If you don’t mind spoilers, check out this year’s winners below.

2017 Goody Award Winners

Wrestler of the Year

Bobby: AJ Styles had another amazing year in WWE with multiple title runs and solidifying himself as SmackDown’s top face.

Mike: With a trilogy of instant classic matches with Okada, Kenny Omega has taken NJPW to new heights in 2017, including headlining their first ever US PPV.

Match of the Year

Bobby: Tyler Bate and Pete Dunne put the entire wrestling world on notice and solidified the reputation of the new WWE UK Title when they squared off in a jaw dropping classic at NXT Takeover: Chicago.

Mike: A Clash of two legends over the WWE Title, John Cena and AJ Styles’ match at the Royal Rumble this year was the apex of a torch-passing feud.

Tag Team of the Year

The Usos had a career revival in 2017 and it only took stealing the schtick of the Baddest Tag Team on the Planet to do it.

Breakout Star of the Year

Is there any doubt? The Monster Among Men made Roman look like a punk and even had Brock trembling. Now fully embraced by the fans, could Braun Strowman have an even bigger 2018? Bobby thinks the Universal Title is all but his.

Moment of the Year

Getting to see the Briscoes team with the legendary Bully Ray (Dudley) was interesting for a while. When cracks started to show between Jay and Bully Ray, it seemed like we were headed for a clash of the brothers. But when Jay finally turned heel, the real shock was Mark turning with him, and watching DEM BOYS try to end Bully Ray’s career was a true moment to behold.

Event of the Year

NXT TakeOver is always a solid show, but WarGames just had that extra special magic. There was a surprisingly phenomenal match between Aliester Black and Velveteen Dream, a surprise title change and the WarGames match itself delivered on every level. If you’ve got a couple hours to kill, seek this one out on WWE Network.

Cringeworthy Moment of the Year

I’m sure getting Lonzo and LaVar Ball on Raw in LA was a coup in concept, but in execution, maybe having a dude’s dad taking off his shirt and dropping the N-Bomb wasn’t as ballin’ as they’d anticipated. Hopefully this will at least help end WWE’s craving for any random celebrity they can get their hands on.


Breakout Star of 2018

Bobby: Former ROH Top Prospect Donovan Dijak has everything the WWE could want, and he’ll get his chance to prove it in NXT now.

Mike: With the WWE tag division catching fire, a healthy Revival could finally make good on all the potential they showed in NXT.

Bold Prediction for 2018

Bobby: Vince McMahon will hand WWE creative control over to Triple H so that he can focus fully on the relaunched XFL.

Mike: Jason Jordan will turn on Kurt Angle and use his relationship with a new, heel Raw GM to shock the world and win the Universal Title.

That’s it for 2017. Make sure to check out the podcast and stick with Good Brothers Wrestling In 2018!

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