DreamCard II: DreamCard Rumble

This week’s Good Brothers Wrestling podcast marks the return of the latest sensation in fantasy booking – DreamCard!

If you missed our last, Halloween Havoc-themed DreamCard, check that out here:  DreamCard I: Nightmare On Dream Street!

For DreamCard II: DreamCard Rumble, the brothers craft the ultimate fantasy Rumble card.  Every match is a dream match, with themes common to the WWE’s annual Royal Rumble show.  And of course it all ends with a massive 30-man, over-the-top Rumble Match.  You can check it through any podcast service, like iTunes, or just click the play button below.

While you’re at it, make sure to subscribe to the podcast and hit us up @GoodBrothersWP on Twitter to give us your ultimate Rumble matches.

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind spoilers, check out all of the DreamCard II matches below.


It’s the ultimate Royal Rumble rematch, as Your Olympic Hero steps back into the ring with the Rabid Wolverine himself.  Will Benoit be able to even the score or will he be forced to TAP?


It’s a tag team DREAM MATCH as the best tag team on the indies step into the ring with the best tag team in the WWE. Will the Bucks still be Too Sweet after spending time in the Uso penitentiary?


The Rumble has a history of guys getting their first shot at the big one. Will the Swiss Superman be able to outlast The Beast Incarnate and finally grab the Brass Ring?


The man who has risen to become perhaps the best wrestler in the world takes on the man who has risen to surpass perhaps every legend before him.  Cena! Omega! Who will be able to truly call themself the best?


30 of the heaviest hitters from all eras of wrestling (and then some).  30 men (and monsters) enter. Only one man can call himself the winner of the very first DreamCard rumble.  Who will be left standing? Can the ring even withstand the action???

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