POP! WWE Vinyls 32-35 Review

Hello Funko Fanatics and welcome to the latest POP! WWE review. Today we’ll take a look at 32-35 in the series which features two hall of famers and a couple demons! I could not bring myself to break these out their boxes for pictures, as they are all in great mint condition.  I mean it will be highly unlikely I ever let these go, but all the more reason to keep them mint, right?

32 “The Heartbreak Kid” Shawn Michaels

Rating: 8.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $15.00


WWE Pops enter into the foray of Walgreens exclusives with Mr. Wrestlemania, Shawn Michael’s. This pop sports Shawn’s post Rocker’s break-up look and let me say, has to be one of the top mullets in all of wrestling. I can’t think of anything that said pro-wrestler more from my childhood than a great mullet. That being said, here are Good Brother Chuck’s top 5 Wrestler Mullets of all=time:

5. Former ECW Champ, Mike Awesome. I’m pretty sure he carried this thing into the early 2000’s and why not, it was amazing:

Mike Awesome

4. Eddie Guerrero has to be mentioned on this list as he too held onto the mullet far longer that the rest of society. When you were as great as Eddie was, you can do whatever you want with your hair.

Eddie Guerrero

3. A big man is an integral part of any team and though there were many to choose from, I decided to go with Sid (choose surname). Sid’s curl brought the mullet to a whole new level.


2. I have HBK here at two, although his mullet was phenomenal, there is only one true king of the mullet’ed wrestlers and it is not Shawn Michaels.

Shawn Michaels

1. The greatest mullet in the history of wrestling has to belong to arguably the greatest face in the history of tag team wrestling, the one, the only….Ricky Morton! Morton is mullet proud and still sports this look today!

Ricky Morton

Now that I’ve satiated my mullet fascination…

33 Kane

Rating: 6.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $13.00


Walgreens got the nod to also distribute The Big Red Machine Kane! The Kane/Undertaker story-line was possibly the greatest of its day. I can remember Paul Bearer teasing every week about bringing something from ‘Takers past to haunt his present. I recently went back and re-watched IYH: Bad Blood and I have to tell you, it really held up against the test of time. Kane’s debut was amazing, how he just ripped the door off of the cell and for the first time in his career…was that fear in The Undertaker’s eyes??

This is a later version of the Devil’s Favorite Demon and there are just a couple things I would like to have seen changed up a bit. I do not like how you can see forehead around the mask, it really should have went even with the hairline. They also made a bottom strap for the mask, but nothing over the top or on the sides. All in all it is a solid enough effort to earn my vote for Mayor of Knoxx County.

34 Finn Balor

Rating: 8.90

Pop Price Guide Value: $7 ($26 Chase)


Everyone’s favorite club leader debuts at #34 and we get a CHASE! Finn Balor is one of the best today and I’m sure that’s why he is my wife’s favorite (absolutely nothing to do with being handsome and having like 27 abs). I really love both versions of this pop, for the standard, I think the eye brows give him a great look and how can you not like the “masked” Chase version.

I wondered how Balor would bring his make-up gimmick into the WWE and I’m really impressed with “The Demon”. I’m also extremely thankful that Bray Wyatt came down with meningitis so we did not have to endure The Demon vs Sister Abigail (instead we were treated to a great AJ vs The Demon (although I would have rather seen AJ vs Finn)). As long as the WWE doesn’t over use this gimmick then I could see it being profitable for years to come.

35 Mick Foley

Rating: 5.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $5.00

So once upon a time, I was one of the biggest Mick Foley fans in existence. The only time I’ve been asked to calm down in public was for screaming at Vince to give Mankind a push. I bought all the books (even the bad ones), I had the “Have a Nice Day” t-shirt and would later pick up a Cactus Jack Shirt at an ECW show (I’m sure it was officially licensed). I cannot quite pinpoint the exact moment, but at some time Mrs. Foley’s baby boy just made me start to cringe at every appearance. At one point, I would have drove hours just to see him, but in the not too distance past, I wouldn’t even leave work an hour early to get his autograph. I just imagined him in some Santa get up and just wanted to retain my memories of Mick more as the Hardcore Legend of my childhood and less of Santa’s biggest fan.

Mick Foley

The Pop is “ok” but it feels lazy. I don’t know how much more difficult it would have been to make his shirt look like a flannel and to at the very least add a mask to the smiley face on his t-shirt. Funko, if you every decide to make another Pop of a Mick Foley character…I think we’d all love to see this as your inspiration…


That concludes our look at POP! WWE 32-35. If you enjoyed this, please feel free to take a look back at my past work. Also, Good Brother Mike has some great write-ups on PPV’s, the classic Hasbro WWF toys and Mattels homage with their Retro Series collections.

Next time we’ll review 36-40, so be sure not to break your streak as I’m sure it will be a phenomenal read!

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