POP! WWE Vinyls 41-45 Review

Hey out there Funko Fanatics and welcome to a special Saturday edition of POP! WWE Vinyl Review. This week we are going to take a look at numbers 41-45 in the series and it has been a while since so many pops were crammed into five places in the series. We’ll discuss two different chase Pops and an ultra rare Funko HQ exclusive. This section we get a mix of legends, current talent, and an Internet darling but first…

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41 “Million Dollar Man” Ted DiBiase

Rating: 8.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $5.00 ($20.00)

One of my all time favorite heel wrestlers, the Million Dollar Man Ted DiBiase, makes his debut in the series at number 41. DiBiase was the definition of a “bad guy” and such a great foil to the Hulksters might. He even went as far as to buy the title from Andre the Giant after Andre defeated Hogan on Saturday’s Main Event. This of course led to the title tournament at Wrestlemania IV, where DiBiase was ultimately defeated by the Macho Man. As a kid, I thought justice had at the very least been partially served, but as an adult, I really wish I could go back and relive a Million Dollar Man title reign on the WWE Network.

Once again, Funko has left me with nothing negative to say about this creation. The pose is again unique to the character and portrays the arrogance that was the Million Dollar Man. The hair, beard and eye brows add really great detail and coupled with the forehead lines (a first in this series) add even more expression to the pop. The gold-trimmed tuxedos give the finishing touches to really make this pop shine!


42 Sasha Banks

Rating: 7.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $7.00


The BOSS is popafied (that’s right, I’m making up words now) at number 42 and I have to say, this pop is really great. I really hope that WWE keeps Banks on the path to heeldom, as she was much more entertaining in that role.

So broken record time, first, the pose is spot on for the Boss, and immediately sets this pop apart from the previous female pops. I have to say I prefer the hair style on this pop far more than the real thing. Is it me or can WWE go overboard with hair extensions and I say WWE as opposed to Sasha Banks, because it is epidemic among the Women’s Division. I also really enjoy the BOSS sunglasses as a nice little touch, this is evidence of Funkos improvement in the area of fine details. Previously the glasses would have been left off, ala Bray Wyatt’s lantern, HHH’s sledge hammer, etc etc.

Once again a solid creation from Funko!


43 Iron Sheik

Rating: 8.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $5.00($18.00)

Listen up jabronis, never before has a Funko Pop! be able to break your back, make you humble like the Sheik can bubba. All the other pops, I suplex them, break their necks. That jabroni Hogan, petoui, Sheik the best.

Once a legend of the squared circle now a legend of 280 characters. If you’re a wrestling fan and do not follow Iron Sheik (warning Rated R), then shame on you bubba. As for the pops, you probably know what I’m going to say. They are just a great tribute to a hall of fame talent who helped to usher in the Golden Age of WWE and build Hulkamania. The Iron Sheik pop earns the 8 rating it was given as it is 100% Iron Sheik!

44 Zack Ryder

Rating: 8.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $11.00($155.00)

That’s no typo, as of today the Funko HQ edition of Zack Ryder (green gear) is worth a whopping $500. The Internet’s favorite brosky was given a Funko HQ exclusive, and there were only 500 manufactured. That’s great news if you were able to snag one of these guys, but a nightmare if you’re a collector who was left out in the cold.

My mother-in-law gave me the purple clad “2017 Fall Convention Exclusive”, so I will just be happy with that one. Both of these pops have a great look and will make a nice edition to anyone’s collection.


45 Shinsake Nakamura

Rating: 9.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $14.00


The King of Strong Style, quite possibly has the best looking pop in the series! This Toys R Us exclusive is incredibly unique (even compared to other pops with this release). The hair, eye brows and stubble really go a long way in adding the type of detail and expression that Funko has been adding to this series. Nakamura’s outfit and pose are way different from anything we’ve seen in this line before and from the look at some of the upcoming pops, really sets the tone going forward in the series.

We have reached the end of this review and let’s discuss a little of how we’ll proceed in the future. Next time we are going to close out the series, with a marathon review of 46-51, the multi-packs and those ever elusive Freddy Funko editions. Due to the number of pops to be covered, we’ll have the basic information (number, name, rating and value) and a small note of anything that is particularly unique about the vinyl. Funko has upped their game to such a degree, that honestly these reviews are getting kind of repetitive and somewhat on the boring side. I plan on continuing posts for each new release and I’m also kicking around the idea of a write-up on my “wish list” for talent to receive their pop immortality.

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