POP! WWE Vinyls 46-51 & Combo Packs Review

Welcome once again Funko Fanatics to the latest edition of POP! WWE Vinyl reviews. Today we’re going to wrap the full current series with a glance at 46-51 and the current combo packs. You’ll notice the ratings will be brief, as let’s face it, Funko has really gotten a handle on how to add personality to our favorite WWE Superstars and Legends.

Going forward I’ll post reviews for the new “lines” as they are released and I also plan on posting a few “wish list” articles for upcoming releases. If there is anything you would like to see or read about, let me know @chuckonwrestling on Twitter.

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46 The Rock

Rating: 8.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $7.00 ($25.00)

Finally, The Rock pop we all deserve! This vinyl offers all the flash and flair that we were missing from the first Rock and is a much better representation of “The Great One”.

47 Razor Ramon

Rating: 8.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $7.00 ($29.00)

First the Hall of Fame and now his very own Funko POP! Things are certain looking good for “The Bad Guy” (as long as you ignore the rumor mills).

48 Braun Strowman

Rating: 7.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $8.00

Braun Strowman

You need to get your hands on this monster among pops!

49 Alexa Bliss

Rating: 7.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $9.00

Alexa Bliss

The second half of Team Little Big, Alexa’s pop is 4 inches of fury that every collector will want in their collection.

50 Shawn Michaels

Rating: 9.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $16.00

Shawn MIchaels

This Wrestlemania XII Shawn Michael’s is great…but I have to admit if it had come with a zip line harness, I wouldn’t have been mad.

51 Jake “The Snake” Roberts

Rating: 9.90

Pop Price Guide Value: $16.00 ($50.00)

Jake “The Snake” Robert is one of my all time favorites and I was beyond stoked when I found out he was getting a standard and chase pop. This pair is quickly becoming a favorite in my collection!

The Million Dollar Man & IRS (2 Pack)

Rating: 8.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $18.00

Money Inc.

The Walgreens exclusive Money Inc. 2 pack is on the money. I really love how they mixed things up by putting the Million Dollar Championship and two handfuls of cash on DiBiase and how great is IRS’s Halliburton briefcase!

Bella Twins

Rating: 7.75

Pop Price Guide Value: $27.00 (Red) $25.00 (Black)

Twin magic received a pair of 2 packs, featuring their signature looks. I only picked up the black uniformed Bellas but the red are still available over at wweshop.com

Enzo Amore & Big Cass

Rating: 5.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $19.00

Enzo and Cass

Walgreen’s once again brought us a two pack of Big Cass and most likely the next wrestle to never be named again. My major beef with this back is little Enzo is clearly larger than BIG CASS!

The New Day

Rating: 7.50

Pop Price Guide Value: $18.00 (Booty-O’s) $19.00 (Toys-R-Us)

The only 3 pack in the WWE line features our favorite paragon’s of positivity, The New Day! FYE exclusively possessed the the Booty-O’s pack while Toys-R-Us (RIP) held the initial offer with Francesca 1 (fittingly enough, RIP).

Sting and Lex Luger

Rating: 7.00

Pop Price Guide Value: $28.00

Sting and Luger

Strictly based off “Surfer” Sting, this may have a been a 10, but with the addition of who we are told is Lex Luger, I’m being generous with a 7. Also, how many other iconic NWA/WCW tandems could they have given us instead of Sting and Luger?? The Express tag teams, Arn and Tully, Steiners, The Outsiders, The Road Wariors, Harlem Heat….on and on and on.

That wraps things up for today, I hope you enjoyed this “express” edition of POP! reviews. Please stay tuned for what comes next, I think you’ll like it as well.

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