DreamCard III: Hall Of Dreams

The latest episode of Good Brothers Wrestling featured the return of the fantasy booking sensation – we’re talking about DreamCard!

In DreamCard III: Hall Of Dreams, the brothers fantasy book dream matches using members of the WWE Hall of Fame.  Celebrities, tag teams, legacy inductees, 2018 inductees – no Hall of Famer is off limits!


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And if you missed them, go back and check out DreamCard I: A Nightmare On Dream Street and DreamCard II: DreamCard Rumble!

Meanwhile, if you don’t mind spoilers, check out all of the DreamCard III matches below.


The two greatest of all time go head to head in a match that could only happen in the Hall of Dreams.  It the greatest wrestler of the 90’s – the Texas Rattlesnake – taking on the wrestler who defined the 80’s – the Hulkster himself!


STING leads a massive new squadron to take on his old rivals THE HORSEMEN in the hellish WAR GAMES MATCH.  10 men will enter, but can any SURVIVE?


A Money In The Bank Ladder Match so big it could only happen in the Hall of Dreams! Savage and Steamboat renew their Wrestlemania classic. HBK and Razor – the originators of the ladder match! Edge – the man who defined TLC! The Superfly – the high flyer who inspired a whole generation! All that and Latino HEEEEAT?


Could BRET & SHAWN – former bitter rivals and two men who vie for the title of “Greatest Wrestler Alive” – co-exist in a tag team match against THE DRAGON and tag team specialist THE HAMMER?


In the spirit of WWE’s Mixed Match Challenge, we renew two legendary rivalries as the Ravishing One adds some Stratusfaction to take on the female part of Team Xtreme and the Man Called Sting.


Two of the most brutal competitors in wrestling history go head to head. What would happen if Mrs. Foley’s Baby Boy stepped into the ring with the Master of the Lariat?


An Andre The Giant Memorial Battle Royal featuring Andre himself! So big that we could only stuff these 10 giants into the ring.  Hillbilly Jim, Big John Studd, Haystacks Calhoun, the Big Cat, the Fridge, Yokozuna, Gorilla Monsoon, Abdullah the Butcher and Big ‘Kish – could the ring survive this massive rumble?

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