POP! WWE Wrestlemania Wishes

Hey there Funko Fanatics and welcome to a special Wresltemania Wishes edition of the POP! WWE Review. Today we’ll talk about five Wrestlemania Headliners who have yet to be immortalized into our favorite vinyl collectibles. Some of our favorite WWE Superstars look like they were born to made into a Funko Pop, while others just deserve the nod. So without further delay, let’s get to our list.

#5 Yokozuna


The massive Yokozuna headlined back to back Wrestlemania matches against The Hitman himself, Brett Hart at IX and X. While the best there is, there best there was and the best there ever will be has received his pop, Yoko has not been so lucky.

This Hall of Famer would be a perfect edition to the already impressive list of legends in the POP! WWE series. Yoko’s massive size and iconic look would transition perfectly into the collectible vinyl world. I for one will be keeping my eyes open and my fingers crossed for Yokozuna to make his pop debut.

#4 Big Show

Big Show

Surprisingly, Show has only headlined one Wrestlemania in his nearly 20 year stint with the WWE. Big Show represented Shane McMahon in Wrestlemania XVI’s Fatal Fourway Elimination Main Event in which each McMaon was championed by a Superstar of their chosing (Steph/HHH, Vince/Rock, Linda/Foley).

Big guys seem to really lend themselves to being made into Funko Pops and there are few larger than the Big Show. The problem you run into with a competitor who’s career has spanned nearly two decades is with which look do you use as your muse. To me the best choice would be the the version pictured above.

#3 Batista


The Animal has earned his way into headlining three Wrestlemania’s: XXI vs Triple H, XXVI vs John Cena and of course XXX vs Daniel Bryan vs Randy Orton. Batista had made his impact on the sports biggest stage but had yet to hit collector’s shelves in funko form.

I guess if you really wanted, you could pick up a Drax and just pretend, but really who wants to do that with this future Hall of Famer. Batista had unique look and some pretty awesome tattoo work that could really make collectors pop for his pop! As for my vote, I would go for this version of every wrestling fans favorite guardian.


#2 Edge


While The Rated R Superstar may have stole the show on several different occasions, he only officially headlined Wrestlemania XXIV against The Undertaker. While to many his Hall of Fame career was cut way to short, we have certainly waited and continue to wait for his Funko first.

Personally, I think Edge had various looks throughout his career that would lend themselves to making an awesome collectible, I for one would prefer one of his signature long entrance coats and sunglasses. The level of detail Funko has began to utilize with the WWE line could really make Edge’s personality ‘pop’ (pun intended).

#1 Bam Bam Bigelow


Bam Bam headlined Wrestlemania XI again Lawrence Taylor of New York Giants fame.  While many regard the Diesel vs Shawn Michaels match as the marquee event of the show, LT brought the mainstream appeal, so he and Bam Bam were the official headliner (with Pat Patterson as special referee). While he may have lost the match, The Beast of the East will go down in history as one of the best super heavyweights in history.

I’ll get this out of the way, I am a Bam Bam mark and will never feel like he was given the chance to really run with the company on his back. Some of my favorite matches have involved Bam Bam and he was taken from us far too soon. All that said, has their ever been a wrestler who screams, “make me into a Funko Pop,” more than Bam Bam Bigelow. He was a huge man with a unique look and any collector would be crazy to not want to have his pop. I could see Funko doing so much, with the head tattoos, the iconic flamed wrestling gear and that just the over all toughness that Bigelow oozed.

So there is my wishlist of Top 5 Wrestelmania Headliners who have not been made into a Funko Pop. What are your thoughts? Who would add? Who would you remove? Don’t like my order, let me know @chuckonwrestling!

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