Money in the Bank Preview

Hey out there Good Brothers’ Nation! I think that’s my favorite term for fan bases, “Nation”, it just sounds the best, right? I mean it could be as small as one person (look up sovereign citizens) or as large as, well a nation. It carries a connotation large enough to be significant but not so large that you would get lost, *cough* universe *cough*. I digress, we’re not hear to talk fan base labels, NO, we’re here to talk Money in the Bank!

As a stand alone PPV, MitB is actually my third favorite of the year, behind ‘MANIA and Royal Rumble. This show always guarantees you are going to see some amazing spots and more times than not, gives way to fresh story lines. These matches have transformed over the years from superstars on the rise competing to reach that next level, a la Edge, to a point where today, bonafide main event talents cherish the opportunity to vie for the contract. This year should be no different, as thanks to the co-branded PPVs we have a stacked card…and Big Cass.

Nakamura vs AJ Styles (c) – WWE Championship

Let this image be a reminder to everyone who gets overly excited for this match again!

Yes I too was pumped for Nakamura vs AJ at ‘Mania, but the match never really lived up to the hype. To quote Good Brother Bobby, “It never reached that next gear.” Then, there was the Nakamura turn and I thought, “Ok maybe this is what they needed!” Sadly though, this feud that could have been so great has become a schmoz fest with more low blows than all 37 Jackass movies.

The last man standing stipulation only adds room for more crotchery (yeah I’m making up words), and these matches tend to have goofy endings anyway.

Excitement level: Reclining

Prediction: Styles

Ronda Rousey vs Nia Jax (c) – Raw Women’s Championship

Story telling aside, this match is intriguing. Rousey is heading into her second match and getting a shot at the strap. Nia Jax is a formidable champion, whose size and strength could negate Rousey’s athleticism and skill. Unfortunately, this is sports entertainment and you cannot ignore story telling.

Nia, freshly turned face, now heel again against Rousey. I was really getting behind the “positive body image” bullied “monster” angle that they had working with Jax, but now I’m not even sure what is happening. Combine that with Rousey’s “green” mic skills and this build up has been anything but good.

All that said, I thought Rousey was the surprise of Wrestlemania and I look forward to what these two can do in the ring.

Excitement level: Sitting up

Prediction: Jax

Asuka vs Carmella (c) – Smackdown Women’s Title Match

This very well could be the most intriguing match on the card. Carmella has quietly become the hottest star on the women’s roster with her cash in and then “clean” win over Charlotte at Backlash. Asuka on the other hand has somewhat cooled after her streak was ended at Wrestlemania, but is still one of the most fearsome competitors in the WWE today.

Unlike some of the other angles, there is some substance to this match. Carmella has been discounted and overlooked, while in the mean time she just keeps winning. Asuka has shown that she can still be a force and Carmella should be no problem, right? We will all have to find out

Excitement level: Edge of my seat

Prediction: Asuka

Men’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Braun Strowman vs. Finn Balor vs. The Miz vs. Rusev vs. Bobby Roode vs. Kevin Owens vs. New Day member vs. Samoa Joe

I don’t even know where to begin! Every individual in this match could conceivably win and benefit greatly from the push that comes from holding the case.

Who needs it the most: This is a tie between Balor and Roode. Each of these guys made their way up from NXT on a hight note and have somewhat fell flat. Holding the MitB contract could be just what the doctor ordered to give these superstars the jumpstart they need.

It is hard to argue that anyone in the business has been as hot as Braun Strowman but does the Monster Among Men really need this? It worked for Kane, so why not?

Everyone else would just be pure entertainment holding the contract. Samoa Joe lording over the champ on Smackdown, Kevin Owens along with Sami Zayn playing mind games with Heyman and Lesnar (if they actually ever see them), Rusev Day or New Day…’nuff said and lastly The Miz!

Excitement level: On my feet!

Prediction: The Miz

Women’s Money in the Bank Ladder Match – Ember Moon vs. Charlotte Flair vs. Alexa Bliss vs. Becky Lynch vs. Natalya vs. Lana vs. Naomi vs. Sasha Banks

While possessing a ton of star power, something just seems missing from this match. Maybe it is all the emphasis that has been put on the respective women’s title matches, I don’t know…something is just missing.

A win would strap a rocket to Moon’s back while Naomi and Lynch could both really use the shot in the arm the contract would bring. If Rusev wins on the men’s side, how fun would Lana also packing around her own briefcase? Flair has built up enough cred so that she doesn’t need the case and the time just does not seem right for Bliss or Banks to be back on top.

Excitement level: Sitting up

Prediction: Ember Moon

Elias vs Seth Rollins (c) – IC Title

Match of the night prospect! Rollins has been on an amazing streak and Elias is arguably the number one heel in the promotion right now. This has all the makings for an instant classic and just enough doubt about the result to make things interesting.

A win for Elias would certainly upgrade his pedigree and a loss worked in the right manner would not hurt Rollins’s momentum. This would in turn free Rollins up to challenge Lesnar and perhaps finally make the Universal Champion, a fighting champion.

Should Elias fall, he could rebound quickly and Rollins could continue his tear through the roster on his way to Face the Beast Incarnate in a champion vs champion showdown.

Excitement level: Jumping up and down.

Prediction: Rollins

Roman Reigns vs Jinder Mahal

Why is this a thing? Does anyone want to see this? REALLY?

Excitement level: Snack and a bathroom break

Prediction: Reigns wins, we all lose

Big Cass vs Daniel Bryan

Can a continuing program with Cass take some of the shine off a Daniel Bryan come back, NO! NO! NO! However, we’ll all be happy to see the curtain close on this CASS-tastrophy.

Excitement level: Reclining

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Bobby Lashley vs Sami Zayn

In the bout for who can wear funny hats we see Lashley and Zayne square off. This is a clear, “What else do we do with these guys match,” on their way to other things.

Excitement level: Reclining

Prediction: Lashley

Gallows and Anderson vs Bludgeon Brothers (c) Smackdown Tag-team Titles

This very well could be the sleeper match of the night. Harper and Rowen may have lost their first names, but they both can really go for big guys. Gallows and Anderson have largely been under utilized since they were “Beating up John Cena,” with AJ and the move to SDL could revitalize their WWE run.

I think both of these teams are good enough to carry the division but I’m hoping against hope that those in charge do not play hot potato with the titles. This match could easily set the tone for the summer, leading to an epic, well built pay off at Summer Slam!

Excitement level: On my feet.

Prediction: Gallows and Anderson (DQ)

The B-Team vs The Deleters of Worlds (c) – Raw Tag Team Championship

The B-Team has been very entertaining thus far and it is always fun to see real life Brothers on opposite sides of the squared circle. This has the makings for a good match but either way, something ends on this night.

I cannot see the B-Team walking away with the titles unless the Deleters go their separate ways and I’m not sure Hardy or Wyatt could last through a break up this soon after uniting. Sadly, we’ll see the end the B-Team’s streak and the continuation of the Woken ones.

Excitement level: I’m sitting up

Prediction: Deleters

Money in the Bank 2018 is sure to impress (and leave us wondering why that Lesnar guy is still paid). At the conclusion of this night we’ll have two new challengers waiting for their chance to cash in and pole vault to the top. We could have new champions, new rivalries and new reasons to tune in every week. How do you think Sunday’s event will turn out? Let me know below or hit me up @chuckonwresling (misspelling in purpose) on Twitter.

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