Extreme Rules Preview

Hey yo Good Brother’s Nation! It is time to go to the EXTREME!!! Well kind of, for like three matches and one of those is on the pre-show. So maybe Extreme Rules is an overly ambitious name for this show but it should be entertaining anyway! We have some key match ups for some newer talent and maybe an opportunity to get a peak at what will happen with the Universal Title! Let’s jump right into the deep end with a match by match breakdown of this Sunday’s event!

The New Day vs. SAnitY (Tables Match on KICKOFF SHOW)

I have been a big SAnitY fan since the group debuted in NXT. We were teased for what seemed like forever after their “call up” to the main roster and now we will finally see their PPV debut! I know that this is a pre-show match but it has a main event feel if you are familiar with both teams. This is a big push for SAnitY and a breath of fresh air for The New Day, who have felt a little stale after an epic feud with The Usos.

The rumor has long been that The New Day will stick together but there will be more emphasis placed on their singles careers. That in conjunction with this being their PPV debut could spell a victory for SAnitY.

Excitement Level: Edge of my seat.

Prediction: SAnitY

Braun Strowman vs Kevin Owens (Steel Cage Match)

The lead up to this match has really peaked my interest and the cage aspect at least somewhat lends itself to the PPV theme. I get that the cage is used to at least slow down Owens’ attempts to avoid the Monster in the Bank, but it seems a little too soon in this “rivalry” for a cage match. Strowman and Owens are each once in a generation level performers, so the match should be good.

Excitement Level: Sitting up

Prediction: Braun Strowman

Roman Reigns vs. Bobby Lashley

I know, I know…your immediate reaction is to go get a snack. Both of this guys are charisma vacuums that are being shoved in our faces, right? Not so fast, so maybe I would rather listen to Bieber than either one of these guys try to cut a promo but they also have something else in common, they’re both huge, athletic guys with something to prove.

This will not be a technical masterpiece but I at the very least feel that it will be entertaining. I also expect this match will have major ramifications for the Universal Title picture. So while I have no reservations on this being match of the night, I wouldn’t sleep on it either.

Excitement Level: Reclining

Prediction: No contest

Finn Bálor vs. “Constable” Baron Corbin

I fully expect this to be the worst match of the night. I just think styles will clash too much and neither of these guys are exactly on fire right now. Sadly, Finn’s star is fading faster than my favorite jeans and Corbin has done very little since his call up (you can only hang your hat and the Andre Trophy for so long).

Excitement Level: Wake me when it’s over.

Prediction: Bálor

Dolph Ziggler (c) vs. Seth Rollins (30-Minute Iron Man match)

I know I should be more excited about this match but I’m just not. To me, this match up has killed the momentum of all three guys involved and I’m just disinterested in anything other than seeing these guys move on to their next thing.

Excitement Level: Stretched our but awake

Prediction: Ziggler

The Bludgeon Brothers (c) vs. Team Hell No

A nostalgia stop on Bryan’s way to…well wherever it is he’s going. The Bludgeon Brothers are great performers but maybe not the best champions, so this could be the feel good match of the night.

Excitement Level: Sitting up-rite

Prediction: Team Hell No

Deleters of Worlds (c) vs. The B-Team

Didn’t we just see this?

Excitement Level: Sitting up-rite

Prediction: Deleters retain

Carmella (c) vs. Asuka (with James Ellsworth suspended above the ring in a Shark Cage)

WWE is certainly getting their money’s worth out of that shark cage. I don’t know that it is time for Carmella to drop the belt but it certainly seems time for Asuka to win the championship.

Excitement Level: Sitting up-rite

Prediction: Carmella retains

• Alexa Bliss (c) vs. Nia Jax (Extreme Rules match)

FINALLY! Extreme rules! So this stipulation was obviously made to allow Rousey to come in from her ringside seat. Maybe WWE will surprise us and Rousey will just enjoy the show.

Match wise, the stipulation would seem to support the much smaller Bliss or the aforementioned interference from Rousey. You should also count on Mickey James making her presence felt during the evening.

Excitement Level: Sitting up-rite

Prediction: Bliss retains

Jeff Hardy (c) vs Shinsuke Nakamura

Jeff Hardy continues his transition into Brother Nero/Willow and Nakamura continues his transition into a has been. I really hoped that his transition to heel would have breathed new life into Nakamura’s WWE run but unfortunately his tenure is just not living up to the hype.

Even though Hardy is on the downside of his career, he and Nakamura could put on a good match. I would love to see this match-up bring the best out of both but that’s where my optimism ends as I just do not see that happening.

Excitement Level: Grabbing a snack

Prediction: Jeff Hardy

AJ Styles (c) vs. Rusev

This is yet another intriguing match on the card. AJ Styles at the time of this writing is just 9 days away from surpassing HBK for 13th on the list of total combined days as champion. AJ has been a great champion in his comparatively short time in the WWE. He has had some epic guess and been a great face for SDL.

Rusev has cooled somewhat but is still over with the crowds. He could make for a great translational champion of Styles needs some much deserved time off but I do not see him as a long term champ.

One thing is for sure, it is nice to see the top guy defending his title.

Excitement Level: Edge of my seat.

Prediction: AJ Styles

That is our rundown for Extreme Rules. The dog days of summer brings the pre-Summer Slam doldrums and this card is a reflection of the times. There are matches on the card could could be worth your time but you may get just as much enjoyment reading spoilers late or hitting the highlights later.

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