POP! WWE Vinyls Series 8 Review

Howdy Funko Fanatics, so it has been a while since we’ve got together and looked at our favorite collectibles. I think Brock Lesnar may have even defended the Universal Title since a Pop Post has been published and for that, I should be ashamed.

After playing the marathon catch-up game, we are current! I usually like to hold off on posting until I’ve had each vinyl in my hands but Asuka is proving elusive, so I’ll just get on with it! Series 8 brought us a rehashed Triple H, Mr. McMahon, Sgt. Slaughter, Kurt Angle, The Hardy’s 2-Pack and the main event, 3 Variations if Asuka!

These were announced around Wrestlemania time and I’ve been anxiously awaiting their arrival. Thanks to my good friends at clarktoys.com, I received the full set minus Asuka a few weeks ago. This series is pretty great, with only minor “beefs” with some rather nit picky details. As a whole I’d give this series a solid 7.5 rating, now let’s look at each individual Pop, shall we?

52 Triple H (Skull King/Masked Chase)

Rating: 9.9

poppriceguide.com Value: $7($34)

This Pop is a major upgrade from the first Triple H that came out in 2014. If you would like to see what I had to say about that one, just visit here. That one received a 4.75 because it was just so plain and completely lacked personality.

This Pop, well it may be my new favorite. The look seems to be modeled from his Wrestlemania 30 entrance, just in a different color scheme. Also, in the review of his first Pop, I posed the question, “WHERE IS TRIPLE H’S SLEDGE HAMMER?!?!” Well, they gave him two battle hammers. The masked Chase is just amazing, I mean skulls, hammers, shoulder pads and capes, what is there not to love!

53 Mr. McMahon (Pink Blazer Chase)

Rating: 6.2

poppriceguide.com Value: $8($31)

So I’m luke warm on this Pop at best. I think it is great that “The Chairman” is represented in the Pop world now, but this just doesn’t wow me.

The detail on these guys are good, but without the logo on the mic, this could be about anyone. They are also very slender for Mr. McMahon, who is a big guy even today. I know it has to be hard to nail down the fine details to personalize each vinyl but the mark feels missed badly on this one.

A change of wardrobe could have helped a great deal. I would have loved to have seen a version in the old Raw is War denim jackets, after-all, that was what he wore when the character Mr. McMahon began taking shape. Another alternative would have been giving us a Vince in his ring gear. At least in his black tank top it would have been easier to give him some definition. So not terrible but not that great either.

54 Sgt. Slaughter

Rating: 8.3

poppriceguide.com Value: $8

This is another home run in my book. So much fine attention to detail and no mistaking this for anyone other than Sgt. Slaughter.

When I see the pose, I can hear, “And that’s….AN ORDER!” The whistle, riding crop and hat and glasses all just scream classic Sgt. Slaughter. I’m really happy with how great this turned out and feel that it is a boon to my collection.

55 Kurt Angle

Rating: 6.8

poppriceguide.com Value: $7

It’s true, it’s damn true, Kurt Angle has a Pop!

I will get the bad out of the way first. Why is there not a Chase with the little cowboy hat? Other than that, no real complaints about this offering. It has integrity, intelligent design and it for sure has intensity, so I imagine the Olympian agrees that this is great as well.

The Hardy Boyz (2-Pack)

Rating: 7.8

poppriceguide.com Value: $25

Being a resident of Dudleyville, I was never a member of Team Extreme and I’m a little bummed that Bubba Ray and D’von did not get this spot in this series. However, I’ll try to be unbiased.

The look for these guys was based off of their return from their WWE hiatus. The Woken One sporting his now patented white patch of hair and the Charismatic Enigma’s essence has been captured. I know I’ve said it before, but the poses on the newer series of POP! WWE have vastly improved the quality of these vinyls. Additionally, their ring gear and expressions are each really great.

I’ll continue to pine for Funko’ed denizens of Dudleyville, but these Hardy Boyz are pretty great.

56 Asuka

Rating: 8.1

poppriceguide.com Value: see below

The Empress of tomorrow has 3 different models:

Walmart $21

Target (Chase) $33

SDCC/Summer Convention n/d

I have my order in through Target.com for the Summer Con model but there is a chance for the Chase (fingers crossed). It is hard for me to give an honest review based upon pictures but based on the evidence at hand, I have to say these are really good.

I think the three variations all look great. It appears they have her ring gear nailed down, the pose is fantastic and her hair is spot on as well. I love both of the masks and make regular visits to both local Walmarts in hopes of finding one of those. As hard of a time as I’ve had finding these, I think they are a must buy if you see them out! In 3-4 years, this could be another AJ Lee Level Pop.

That sums up our look at Series 8 of Funko POP! WWE. This has been one of the better offerings in the overall series and I cannot wait for my Asuka to be delivered! What are your thoughts? Leave us a comment below, find us on Facebook.com/goodbrotherswrestling or you can find me @G_B_Chuck on Twitter.

Photos courtesy of poppriceguide.com

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