Video Review: WWE Elite Retrofest Figures Review

Welcome back to another Good Brothers Wrestling Video Review! Last time, we took a close look at the brand new Hasbromaniacs Guide to WWF Hasbros, put out by our good friends over at HasbromaniacsYou can watch that one here!

Today, we dive into a brand new series – well, sub-series I guess. It’s WWE Elite’s new Retrofest figures, which are exclusive in the US to Game Stop!

Check out the video below to hear about the incredible deal I got on these two new figures – “Macho Man” Randy Savage and a Rockers-era Shawn Michaels. Are they worth their hefty price tag?

Scroll down to see a few images of the figures below the video. And, if you want to get the same deal I did on these two, just click here and here to order.


Photos courtesy of BleedingCool. Click images to view full size. No clue why Shawn Michaels has on a He-Man vest.

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