2018 Countdown: Bottom 5 Performers of 2018

Hey hey Good Brothers Nation! It is that time of year again, when we are are all inundated with countdown lists. I am a sucker for a list of anything I am even remotely interested in, so I thought, why not give this a shot.I’m going to keep these brief, at a minimum, your feet will not go numb during “study time”.

The criteria is completely based upon my opinion as a fan of 30+ years. In the case of this countdown, being number one means I consider that person (team) the worst performer of the year.

5 Dean Ambrose

You may say, “But he was out most of the year due to injury,” and I would respond, “Does that really matter?” I hope that the heel turn will add some variety to what has been a floundering character. Since the dissolving of the Shield, Ambrose has struggled to find his voice. While it is fine to be a brawler, this style necessitates a greater emphasis on character and Ambrose has basically been a wallflower during his 2018 time on screen.

4 Cheeseburger

The lone non-WWE performer on the list is Cheeseburger. I’m so fatigued by this guy and will always be one of the lone “BOOS” whenever I see him at a live appearance. I get why people love him, I’m just not into his character.

3 The Undertaker

I may catch some heat at home for this one but either ‘Taker or WWE or both, just need to let it go. His last good match was against CM Punk at Wrestlemania 29, all since have really displayed his age. While there is no doubt he is a living legend and quite possibly the greatest character of all time, 2018 was not his year.

2 Triple H

While we as fans should ever applaud his work with NXT, his in ring work has been less than stellar. “H’s” matches have just been so slow and plodding for so long now, it may just be time to go back stage indefinitely.

1 Brock Lesnar

I know that he sells Network subs and tickets but what little in ring work he does bores me to death. Ever since the start of the “Suplex City” deal began at Summer Slam 2014, Lesnar has been completely one dimensional and 2018 did little to change this trend.

Check back tomorrow for Top 5 performers I Want to See More of in 2019.

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