2018 Countdown: Top 5 wrestlers I want to see more of in 2019

One of the nice things about the start of a new year is it prompts evaluation. What did I do well, what did I do poorly and what should I do more of? Promotions around the globe have the opportunity to ask themselves these same questions and what kind of fan would I be if I didn’t throw my two cents into the ether that is the Internet.

5 SAnitY

Whether it was injury, lack of creativity or just poor timing, SAnitY has nearly disappeared since being called up to the SDL roster. SAnitY have the chops to be major players in the Tag division on either roster. Dane is a monster of a man (who now wears a singlet for some reason) who could one day be a major factor in the main event scene one day but they need tv time!

4 Dana Brooke

Dana is most likely the victim of being called up from NXT too early. She was really starting to hit her stride with Emma when that call came and has mainly been used in a supporting role since. She is athletically gifted and is not completely terrible on the mic. She is in desperate need of more time in the ring and a consistent heel/face role to get the fans behind her either way.

3 Matt Taven

I know what you are thinking, Taven is all over RoH TV and PPV! As late as BiTW I was screaming things at Taven that I would not want my mom to hear and not because he was doing great heel work. I thought Taven was just terrible and hated that he was bringing down the good name of The Kingdom stable. Something happed mid year and Taven has really kicked it into high gear. I know he is featured a great deal but this may be the time to bet the farm on Taven.

2 Gallows and Anderson

I was overjoyed when The Good Brothers were sent to the blue brand but lo and behold it was much of the same. I will never understand how you can take one of the top world wide tag teams and just relegate them to house show duty. They have been as entertaining as they possibly can with every scrap creative has thrown their way. It is well past time WWE puts them back with AJ or Finn or both and let them run rough shot on whatever brand on which they land.

1 Jeff Cobb

Cobb has had two matches in RoH, beating Punishment for the TV Title and then defending against Hangman Page at Final Battle. Cobb has everything you want out of a superstar and the sky is certainly the limit for him in 2019 and beyond!

Thanks for checking out today’s list. The next installment of our countdowns to the countdown will be Top 5 matches I hope to see in 2019!

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