2019 WWE Elimination Chamber Preview

Hey Good Brothers nation! We are post Valentine’s Day and the cruise is now set on the road to Wrestlemania. Tomorrow, February 17th brings us my favorite PPV that is also a euphemism for a rest room, ELIMINATION CHAMBER!

This year we will get 2 chamber matches and we’re guaranteed to see new champions crowned. Every title will be on the line with the exception of the Universal and Asuka’s Smackdown Women’s Championship. A number of fans have expressed displeasure with the kinder, gentler chamber but this should be a pretty good night of action!

I took a couple risks with my Rumble predictions and finished the night 4-5. I’m hoping for a better showing for Elimination Chamber in order to get some momentum going for Fast Lane and ‘Mania!

Braun Strowman vs Baron Corbin, No DQ

This is a grudge match that has been building over the last several months, culminating with Corbin and friends crushing Strowman’s elbow late last year. The No DQ stipulation will in all likelihood lead to two different outcomes during this match:

1. Strowman will hit Corbin with heavy things

2. McIntyre and Lashley will come to Corbin’s aid

While this will not be a technical masterpiece, it could be a decent enough “hoss fight”.

Excitement level: 2.8

Prediction: Strowman

Finn Balor vs Bobby Lashley (c) and Lio Rush, Intercontinental Title Handicap Match

Yes everyone, it is deja vu all over again. This match-up is beginning to challenge Natty vs Riott for consecutive times contested on Raw. On a night when it is doubtful the other titles will change hands, this seems as likely as a title switch as any, especially since the stipulation would let Balor pin Rush.

Excitement level: 0.5

Prediction: Balor

Akira Tozawa vs Buddy Murphy (c), Cruiserweight Title Match

I’m not even going to call a Buddy Murphy match a “dark horse” contender for match of the night anymore. He has by far been the best Cruiserweight champ since the revival of the division. Tozawa is a former champion in his own right and both guys can work their tails off. When you have a good thing going, why change it, that being said, this could be the night I’m wrong on this one.

Excitement level: 3.1

Prediction: Murphy

The Usos vs Mc Miz (c) Smackdown Tag Team Titles

Miz and Shane-o-Mac are making their way through former SDL Tag Champs. No big surprises expected here, Mc Miz should retain to Wrestlemania.

Excitement level: 1.5

Prediction: Mc Miz

Ruby Riott vs Ronda Rousey, Raw Women’s Title Match

It is nice to see Riott getting the nod here but you’d have to be kidding yourself to think the title will reside with the Squad at the end of the night.

Excitement level: 2.6

Prediction: Rousey

AJ Styles vs Jeff Hardy vs Randy Orton vs Samoa Joe vs Kofi Kingston vs Daniel Bryan (c), Elimination Chamber Match for the WWE World Title

Kofi’s Herculean effort on the go home episode did a great deal to trump up some interest for this match. Although he came up short, I turned off SDL think this match was anyone’s to win, then before Temptation Island could start I laughed at the notion. Daniel Bryan will be the champion going into Wrestlemania, there is no question.

Excitement level: 3.7

Prediction: Daniel Bryan

Tamina and Nia Jax vs Riott Squad vs The Boss Hug Connection vs Fire and Desire vs The Iconics vs Naomi and Carmela, Women’s Tag Team Title Match Elimination Chamber Match

So it is finally here, the night the Women’s Tag Team Champions will be crowned. This should be a great match and I just hope there are no major injuries before Wrestlemania. I really want to say that Bayley and Sasha bring them home but it may be more compelling to have them chase the titles till ‘Mania.

Excitement level: 4.1

Prediction: Tamina and Jax

There’s what I’m expecting to go down tomorrow night, what are your thoughts? Let us know below.

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