WWE Fastlane 2019

Hey Good Brothers’ Nation! Yes! After a 4-3 showing for Elimination Chamber, I’ve evened things up at 8-8 for 2019.

Now we find ourselves on the fast lane to Wrestlemania and WWE sees fit to remind us by presenting an event of that name. Personally, I think this is a complete waste and would much rather extra attention be paid to the Raw and SDL events leading up to the granddaddy of them all, but WWE disagrees and so we’ll review card.

The New Day vs Nakamura and Rusev

In an obvious, “Oh crap we need these guys on the card,” match, we get New Day (Big E and Woods) vs Nakamura and Rusev. No build up, no story, no thank you!

Excitement level: 0.2

Winner: New Day

Rey Mysterio vs Andrade

These gentlemen have put on some pure gems on recent SDL’s. They had instant chemistry with one another and left the WWE Universe begging for more!

Excitement level: 3.8

Winner: Andrade

Aleister Black and Ricochet vs Roode and Gable vs The Revival (c) Triple Threat for the Raw Tag Titles

Things have really been heating up between these teams the last couple weeks on Raw. The NXT call ups scored a pin over the champs and Roode and Gable took exception to getting passed over by the new comers and not getting a rematch.

Excitement level: 2.8

Winner: The Revival

Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch

If Becky wins, she in for the Raw Women’s Title at Wrestlemania, so guess what…

Excitement level: 1.5

Winner; Lynch

The Shield vs Corbin, Lashley and McIntyre

Is this the swan song for The Shield or a stepping stone to something new for the trio. We know Rollins has plans for ‘Mania, but there doesn’t seem to be anything in store for Ambrose or the newly returned Big Dog. Corbin, McIntyre and Lashley have been running rough shot over their competition, so it will be interesting to see if The Hounds of Justice will fair any better.

Excitement level: 2.5

Winner: The Shield

Mandy Rose vs Asuka (c)

Asuka has almost been invisible since winning the title at TLC. When we have seen Asuka, she’s been cutting some good promos and kicking ladies in the head. Mandy Rose has certainly been in the spotlight as of late and would seem primed and ready to have a title run.

Excitement level: 3.1

Prediction: Asuka retains

Tamina and Nia vs The Boss n’ Hug Connection (c) Women’s Tag Title Match

I thought it was odd that Bayley and Banks won at Elimination Chamber, as it took away the possibility for a chase to conclude at Wrestlemania. Alas, it did not turn out that way but there’s still a chance. Although now somewhat anti-climatic.

Excitement level: 1.4

Winner: Tamina and Nia

Miz and McMahon vs The Usos (c)

I keep asking myself, “This is going somewhere, right?” You have to imagine we’re heading for Miz vs McMahon at ‘Mania to shake out if this someway.

Excitement level: 1.7

Winner: The Usos

Kevin Owens vs Daniel Bryan (c) WWE Championship Match

It is nice seeing Owens back and getting a bit of a face run. I think the big question of this match, what role will Kofi play?

Excitement level: 3.7

Prediction: Daniel Bryan retains

That sums up my thoughts for the final stop on our way to Wrestlemania. I’m not a fan of this event but it will be interesting to see if any major moves are made. The good news is, is is the last pit stop before ‘Mania, so grab your snack and use the bathroom, cause the next stop will be The Big Apple!

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