Contemplate with Chuck: AEW, Best for Business?

Full disclosure, I’m bored to tears, stuck in traffic on I-77S. So naturally, I’m thinking about wrestling! These days, any fan worth their salt is excited about AEW, but the question I pose is, why? Don’t get me wrong, I think it is great that a group of talent has received the financial backing to make a real run at creating a top promotion. The Elite have shown an immense amount of creativity through their YouTube series and each are world class performers. I have no doubt why they want to make the AEW move, it is what is the fans true interest?

I rarely hear anyone say, “I’m stoked about AEW,” without also mentioning, “WWE was better when it had competition.” I know, I know, as fans we want the best the wrestling the world has to offer and if history tells us anything, it is WWE peaked when it’s back was against the wall. Does this stance make us disingenuous in regards to AEW? If AEW folds and The Elite and company end up with WWE, is anyone not directly involved really going to be that upset? I would entertain, no.

We all want to see the revitalization of WWE, we want the sleeping giant to wake up so that we may watch in awe. Agree disagree, let me know what you think! Traffic is moving, so must I, but stay tuned to Contemplate with Chuck in the future.

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