RAW TOP 10: October 1, 2019

The Raw Top 10 is back for another week! We’re ranking the Top 10 superstars and tag teams on WWE’s Raw brand each week.

Rankings are based on wins and losses, with extra points given when titles are involved. Rankings are based on the last 10 weeks of Raws and any PPVs that may entail. Weekly scores depreciate, so, for example a win this week is worth more than a win a month ago.

Only superstars on the Raw brand will be ranked in the Raw rankings. This is partly why Robert Roode is listed without his Raw Tag Team Champion partner Dolph Ziggler.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins is on top again this week. Rollins was supposed to defend his title against Rey Mysterio last night, but instead put the belt up against a returning Rusev. Unfortunately, The Fiend interfered and that match ended in a no contest. With Seth’s day of reckoning with Bray Wyatt coming on Sunday, his hold on that top spot could be slipping.

United States Champion AJ Styles is up a spot to #2 this week thanks to retaining his title in a match with #8 Cedric Alexander on last night’s Raw season premier. The title shot also bumped Alexander up a couple spots this week, but he may need to start winning matches if he wants to remain a Top 10 fixture.

AJ switched spots with Braun Strowman this week. Braun is at #3 and wasn’t in action last night. Braun isn’t yet scheduled for Hell In A Cell this weekend, but then again, few people are. Only three matches have been made official.

Sasha Banks jumps two places to #4 this week, hopping over Raw Women’s Champ Becky Lynch. Sasha scored a victory over Women’s Tag Team Title co-holder Alexa Bliss last night and made it look easy. Alexa and Nikki Cross drop two spots this week to #7.

Ricochet is up a spot to #6 after a win over Cesaro last night. It’s good to see he hasn’t been lost in the shuffle on Raw but he’s going to need to move on to a new program soon.

Robert Roode holds on to #9 this week. He and Smackdown’s Dolph Ziggler retained the Raw Tag Team Titles over Heavy Machinery last night in a surprisingly good match.

The Viking Raiders break into the Top 10 this week at #10. Erik & Ivar took out the O.C. last night in a hard hitting tag match. These guys have to be close to a tag title shot.

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