RAW TOP 10: October 8, 2019

The Raw Top 10 is back for another week! We’re ranking the Top 10 superstars and tag teams on WWE’s Raw brand each week.

Rankings are based on wins and losses, with extra points given when titles are involved. Rankings are based on the last 10 weeks of Raws and any PPVs that may entail. Weekly scores depreciate, so, for example a win this week is worth more than a win a month ago.

Only superstars on the Raw brand will be ranked in the Raw rankings. This is partly why Robert Roode is listed without his Raw Tag Team Champion partner Dolph Ziggler.

Universal Champion Seth Rollins holds on to the #1 spot this week after barely surviving a Hell In A Cell Match with The Fiend. That match was ended by ref stoppage for whatever reason. It will be interesting to see if The Fiend continues his quest to take Seth’s very soul.

United States Champ AJ Styles keeps the #2 spot this week. AJ and The O.C. lost an impromptu 6-Man Tag Match on Sunday to #5 Braun Strowman and the #6 Viking Raiders. The Raiders jump up 4 spots this week thanks to a non-title victory over Raw Tag Team Champions Robert Roode and Dolph Ziggler. Roode holds on to the #9 spot but his leverage seems to be slipping.

Braun drops two spots this week, but a headlining feud with boxer Tyson Fury looks to be on the horizon.

Sasha Banks jumps up a spot this week to #3. The Boss was unable to defeat Raw Women’s Champion Becky Lynch in the Cell and ended up on the DL after. Becky jumps up to #4 this week. She teamed with Smackdown’s Women’s Champ Charlotte Flair in an unsuccessful tag bout against the Kabuki Warriors on Raw.

Ricochet is down a spot to #7 this week. The 1 and Only defeated Apollo Crews on Raw last night, one of many guys looking to make a splash before the draft.

Nikki Cross & Alexa Bliss drop to #8 this week after losing the WWE Women’s Tag Team Titles to the Kabuki Warriors at Hell in a Cell. The former champs were MIA from Raw last night.

Finally, Natalya makes her first Top 10 appearance this week. Natalya has been locked in a feud with Lacey Evans for the last several weeks, but scored two convincing victories over Lacey at Hell In A Cell and Raw.

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