SMACKDOWN TOP 10: October 14, 2019

The Smackdown Top 10 is back to rank all of the top superstars and tag teams on the blue brand. Friday night marked the first night of the WWE Draft so the Top 10 has some big shakeups – and we’re not even finished!

Rankings are based on wins and losses, with extra points given when titles are involved. Rankings are based on the last 10 weeks of Smackdown TV and any PPVs that may entail. Weekly scores depreciate. For example, a win this week is worth more than a win a month ago.

Only superstars on the Smackdown brand will be ranked in the Smackdown rankings.

Bayley easily holds on to the #1 spot this week, even in a time of major shakeups. Bayley debuted a shocking new look and defeated Charlotte Flair to regain the Smackdown Women’s Championship on Friday. The former Hugger is on a major roll, and now that her cohort Sasha Banks was drafted to Smackdown, there doesn’t seem to be a way to stop her.

Speaking of Sasha Banks, she’s one of three new entries this week. Sasha debuts at #4 after spending time in the Raw Women’s Title hunt. Braun Strowman turns up at #5 – Braun led an 8-man tag team match on the Smackdown Fox premier last week. Finally, The Fiend debuts at #10 this week. We last saw him in the main event at Hell In A Cell, though he wasn’t able to walk away with the Universal Title.

The former Women’s Champ Charlotte maintains the #2 spot this week. Charlotte fought valiantly in the Smackdown main event, but ended up with her 10th women’s title loss. It’ll be interesting to see what happens with the Queen on Monday night’s draft continuation.

Former WWE Champion Kofi Kingston holds on to the #3 spot this week. He and his New Day pals were able to defeat The O.C. in a six-man tag match. Kofi looked comfortable back in the pack. Since The O.C. was drafted to Raw, this will likely be a one-off match unless the New Day heads over to Raw, too. Big E and Xavier Woods fall to #7 this week to make room for the Raw draftees.

Chad “Shorty” Gable drops to #6 this week after a loss to Raw’s King Baron Corbin on Friday night. With all of the big names coming to Smackdown, a change of scenery could help Gable, especially with his biggest rival on the red brand.

Intercontinental Champion Shinsuke Nakamura drops to #7. The King of Strong Style was not in action this week, though he fought Universal Champ Seth Rollins to a no contest on the Smackdown Fox debut.

Finally, Roman Reigns drops a spot to #9 this week. Reigns lost a critical match to Seth Rollins on Friday night, allowing Raw to get the first draft pick. Roman was still the first draft pick for Smackdown, though, so there’s still confidence in The Big Dog.

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