GoodBrothersWrestling.com is the internet home of the Good Brothers Wrestling Podcast, as well as a wrestling blog maintained by the Good Brothers.  Features include Mania Main Thoughts, an ongoing review series covering each Wrestlemania Main Event, and WWF Hasbro Memories, an ongoing special reviewing each series of the old WWF Hasbro figures.

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  1. Hi guys!!
    I live in Sweden and just love your reviews on the hasbro wwf action figures. I am myself a collector of these toys and they were my favourite toys as a kid. Me and my brother had 24 of them in total from the first few series but I have since as a grown up now collected them to the point where I have them all except six figures. As we grew up in Sweden there were limited interest of the toys at the time as WWF was not on Swedish television. Fortunately for me and my brother, we had satellite tv and saw WWF through SKY television – a british broadcast company. I love reading about your memories and thoughts about the figures. And I also agree with you that these were the best toys around! My favourite figures as a kid were Mr Perfect and Andre the Giant!
    Keep up the good work!! Cant wait to read the reviews for the rest of the series!! 🤗👍
    Best Regards Jarl

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